website design kenya one of the leading eCommerce website design company in Kenya.

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Ecommerce kenya website design kenya one of the leading eCommerce website design company in Kenya. We build fully functional online stores with varieties of features and functionalities for several online stores in


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Whilst internet retailing continues to expand, it’s also becoming more competitive than ever to sell online. In 2015, According to a survey done by ThisDay, a Kenyan-based business news website, the country’s leading online stores achieve about $2 million worth of transactions per week.

These figures rose to 15,000 orders daily, with market size valued at $550 million. Ecommerce kenya the sector is expected to be worth US$13 billion in 2018 according to a new report.

It’s a massive opportunity, but creating an eCommerce website isn’t the same as creating a profitable and successful eCommerce business in kenya.